President Speech

History suggests that one country’s agriculture and modernization level of science and technology, all rely on powerfulness of the manufacturing industry which is at the central position of industry. Manufacturing industry represents a country's comprehensive national strength and development level, and determines the international status of a country and nation. If continuous transformation and upgrading of advanced manufacturing industry cannot made on equipment and production operation level of each industrial sector, stability, development and harmony cannot be genuinely realized.

Kangwei Tongchuang Group Co., Ltd., as a member of the manufacturing enterprises, is committed to providing production and service of core spare parts for such national economic construction activities as railway, urban construction. Under the guidance of national macro industrial policy, a complete new set of development strategies has been identified and implementedcurrently, in order to correctly grasp the advanced direction of its own, in case that it would not be affected by others’ opinions and become confused. The goal is to reach and surpass international advanced level of the same industry, and efforts are made to build a manufacturing enterprise, which has a focused central business and is equipped with modern equipment with core competiveness.

With strong emotions, a great undertaking has been entrusted. For the sake of strength of national industry, Kangwei Tongchuang Group Co., Ltd.is willing to join hands with people of lofty ideals, to together strive for the same goal with its unique strenuous path, and to compose a masterpiece of centuries!


    Kangwei TongchuangGroup, founded in 2006, with former name of Beijing TiefeiteMechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd, is mainly engaged in special transmission equipment,  motor electrical, high-end intelligent devices and  smart sensors. The group is a large high-end intelligent manufacturing enterprise integrating high-end intelligent devices and smart sensors. The products are extensively used in rail transit, basic industries, smart cities and many other fields. The group got IRIS (ISO/TS22163) certification. 

    Founded in 2017,BeijingKangweiIndustrial Park is a diversified R&D Center and intelligent manufacturing center invested and built by Kangwei TongchuangGroup, which is based on rail transit products and gradually expanded to other product application fields with high reliability and high quality.

    The Industrial Park is located in the beautiful MiyunEconomic Development Zone (Zhongguancun MiyunPark), with a total area of 100000 square meters and a factory building area of nearly 65000 square meters, including 7 workshops and 2 testing buildings.

    Until now, two subsidiaries of  KW Group and one JV together with CAF Group are settled in the Park, producing sensors, intelligent electrical products, software and wheel sets. Together with the marketization of R&D products in other fields, more and more independent R&D  products collaborated with Companies, Universities, Institutions would be settled in the KangweiIndustrial Park.  


  • Set sail
    Kangwei Formally established
  • Development
    Sales breakthrough 100 million
  • Milepost
    Sales breakthrough 1 billion 500 million
  • Future
    Build ten billion Kangwei Tongchuang Group Co., Ltd.